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Where To Buy
SEINT Makeup

Where Can You Buy SEINT Makeup?

If you've been searching where to buy SEINT makeup but not sure where to find it, you just found it!

SEINT makeup is not sold in stores, it is sold online by the direct Seint company or from an independent artist like myself who can assist you with your color match and how to actually use your SEINT makeup once you receive it.


So if you're  looking to save some money on your makeup and get color matched by an expert, and finally order your very own custom Seint Makeup formerly known as Maskcara Beauty, you’re in the right place and I am here to help you!

How Much Does SEINT Makeup Cost?

Each tin ranges from $14-18 and each compact is discounted when you fill it. The dual-ended brushes are specially made for creams and unlike any other on the market for a fraction of the price. Every aspect of the line is made to be affordable and at the highest quality and customized so you get exactly what you want.

What the SEINT Makeup Starter Kit Includes:

When I color match you, or if you take my seint color match quiz, or find your own shade with the new seint collections, I typically recommend starting with the basics. That way you can give Seint beauty makeup a try and see if you love it!

When you get your custom color match from me you can modify my recommendations to adding any extras you like, that's the beauty of SEINT, it's all custom to you and you pick and choose what you want your SEINT Makeup palette.


The prebuilt Seint Makeup collections can’t be modified, but they do come with gorgeous shades that will match your skin tone if you desire to go that route.

Below you will see a photo of what a basic compact looks like and what it can hold.

  • Highlight is what we call our foundation and concealers

  • Contour

  • Lip + Cheek Color

  • Illuminator or setting powder

This basic SEINT MAKEUP Pallet 4 compact is perfect for your everyday makeup.

It’s the easiest way to fall in love with Seint.

Did you know that when you buy your 4 custom colors, you get a a huge discount on your magnetic compact!

I am happy to help answer any questions you may have about saving money with your seint makeup.


  • Holds 4 cute rectangle tins

  • Holds your highlight aka as foundation, contour, blush, illuminators, powders or even eyeshadows.

  • Magnetic to keep your makeup organized, clean and secure. TSA Approved too!

  • A Large mirror for you to apply your beautiful makeup on the go


Your Seint Basic Starter Kit Can Include The Following:


Seint Makeup Palette 4  (Choose what you would like) it can be a basic HAC- Highlight and contour palette or even a lip palette or seint eyeshadow palette. The choice is yours and that’s what makes this easy custom Seint makeup compact system so amazing.

It’s made for your needs and your wants.

You can also refill as needed, meaning never buying a full palette again.


Seint Collections:


If you're unsure of what colors to choose and don't want to send anyone your picture without any makeup for your seint color match. Seint has made buying Seint makeup easier than ever with their Pre-Built Collections.

Each of these collections comes with everything you need to get started with Seint.

You can learn more about these seint makeup collections HERE



How Long Does Seint Makeup Last?

Since you only need a tiny amount of Seint Makeup to get excellent coverage, your tin of Highlight will last about 3 months. Your Contour and Cheek/Lip will last about 6 months (unless you love your Cheek/Lip color so much that you apply it obsessively, like me)! Your Illuminator will last 9 months or longer with average use.

What Is SEINT'S Return Policy?

Now, I know buying makeup can be tricky, even when you are in a store and can see it in person. If you are concerned about purchasing seint makeup online, don’t be. Seint has a great return policy! Seint offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products, as well as a 30-day exchange policy on select products and as well as a 60-day exchange policy.

If you choose me to be your artist I am happy to help you with this, or you can email them directly with your order information and they will gladly assist you!



If you’re ready to make the change and wanting to simplify your routine to something easy, beautiful and affordable, I am happy to be your seint artist and help you get started!



Mayra Lopez

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