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Seint Artist Program (formerly Maskcara Beauty Artist Program)

Have you ever wondered about the Seint Artist program? Or wondered what it is like to be a Seint Artist? I’m breaking down all the information you need to know about the Seint Artist program in this post.



When I discovered The Seint Artist Program, I knew I had to be part of it. It was called Maskcara Beauty back in 2018 when I made the decision and bought my kit!  Being a Seint artist has given me more than financial benefits, confidence, and purpose and clarity on to how I am using my social media. This opportunity has brought so many beautiful and fun women into my life as well and now I have a clear purpose and I am so thankful for this opportunity.

One of my greatest goals has always been to be present and available for my children as they grow, and SEINT has given me the freedom to do that. That is why I want to share with you what Seint is about and why you should consider becoming a part of the artist program.

I’ve loved being a Seint artist and I can’t wait to share more about this amazing program with you.



Did you know this about the Seint Artist program?

Did you know the Seint Artist Program allows you to earn free makeup, receive 20-40% commission on every sale you make, get a discount on their products, and gives you the option to build a team (only if you want to!), and earn additional bonuses from your team’s sales? No monthly quota, no sales minimum, no inventory! With products you can stand behind, a generous compensation plan, and no pressure to regularly meet certain numbers, the Seint Artist Program was designed to help women contribute to their monthly income – or even replace it – in a fun, sustainable, and family-friendly way!

 Here are some quick highlights about the Artist Program!

  • No Sales Minimums!

  • No Inventory! Corporate Handles all shipping & returns!


  • Earn 20%-40% on all personal sales! More if you Team Build

How do you become an Artist with Seint?

In order to sign up as an artist with Seint, you need to go HERE. It will first ask you if you’d like to “Enroll with "Mayra Lopez" . Go ahead and click that button, and then proceed to pick your artist kit. Clicking that button means you’re signing up under me as an artist. By signing up under me, you will have the opportunity to work alongside me.

I am a long-time artist with the company, and I have been recognized as one of their top sellers and top recruiters.

After you sign up under me, I will teach and train you personally so that you can reach whatever level of success you are after! And if you are just here for the friendships and a little extra play money, that’s perfectly acceptable too! No matter what your goals are as an artist, I will be thrilled to welcome you to the team with open arms.

Once you’ve enrolled under me, you will select your artist kit. You will have three options to choose from: the Artist Essentials Kit, the Basic Kit, and the Pro Kit. Here are the three kits you can choose from.

Get Started Today!


basic kit.jpg
pro kit.jpg

Click to learn more about your starter kit!

Are there any Seint Artist Trainings offered?

YES, absolutely!


Seint’s corporate office has a facebook group, website, and a special Seint App dedicated to artists that provides all kinds of trainings and valuable resources. The resources also include videos and images that are free to use as a way to promote or share your business.


No two teams are created equally, and as a member of my team, you will also have access to additional resources, tools, and trainings that you will not be able to access anywhere else. I do my best to make sure that every person on my team is set up for success and has everything they need to build their business and achieve whatever goals they have for themselves as long as they are willing to put in the work. I am here to help you and you have access to me directly.


I am a top selling and top recruiting artist in Seint. When you sign up as an artist under me, you receive access to one-on-one coaching from me. As your upline in Seint, I will be there to help guide you every step of the way and so will some of our top leaders in this company which you will also have access too. 

I am looking for ambitious, driven, and positive women to do this business with.  If you are ready to start, I am ready to help you! 

Ready to sign up for the Seint Artist Program, join this incredible company and become part of this remarkable community?

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