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The Seint Artist Program has brought so many beautiful and fun women into my life as well as helped me to bring in an amazing income! I want to share with you what Seint is about and why you should consider becoming a part of the artist program.

Seint was started by beauty blogger Cara Brook in 2013 on the idea that makeup should be easy and fun while enhancing a woman’s beauty, instead of covering it up. The product was sold through her website until stores like Free People, Ulta, and Sephora noticed and wanted the product on their shelves!

Cara had a better idea to help women like you earn an income from home and help customers really know and understand the products. In January 2017, the Artist Program was born, keeping only the good parts of direct sales and ditching anything that felt slimy or gross.

 Here are some quick highlights about the Artist Program!

  • No Sales Minimums!

  • No Inventory! Corporate Handles all shipping & returns!


  • Earn 20%-40% on all personal sales! More if you Team Build

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