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How To Buy Seint Makeup Without A Color Match

How to purchase Seint makeup without a color match
How To Buy Seint Makeup Without A Color Match

Finally an easy way to get your seint color match without waiting for a color match or purchasing the wrong shade on your own. It can be super daunting for some to send over their picture to a complete stranger to get a color match. I get it, and it’s also scary to buy makeup you want to try online without knowing what shade works best for you.

I have great news for you, you don’t have to play the guessing game on your shades anymore. Seint Beauty has made it so much easier for you to get your very own color match without having to send your photo to an artist for help with the Seint Beauty Collections.

What are the Seint Beauty Makeup Collections?

The seint beauty makeup collections are prebuilt palettes that Seint has put together with the prefect levels for your skin tone for you to choose based on your skin to make it easy for you to shop your makeup and just add to cart!

There is three prebuilt seint makeup collections to choose from and you can find your shade for each one depending on your budget and needs. Below you will see what each collection includes and how much each one is

Seint makeup collections with a brush

How To Know What Seint Beauty Collection Shade To Choose?

This is the easiest part for you! All you need to do is look at the images below and choose which skin tone best matched yours and just select the collection level you prefer and add to cart! It’s so simple!

The same IIID Foundation makeup you've come to know from Seint and love, now in Pre-Built Collections. To help with the ease of picking your colors for IIID Foundation, we have curated three different

collections for each skin tone level.

Check out the 8 different skin tone levels to see which Pre-Built Collection is a right fit for you!

Seint beauty color match guide and quiz

So many levels to choose from, just select the level that best matches your skin tone!

Seint beauty makeup color guide and color matching for seint all in one compact

Find your Seint Beauty Makeup Collection Level Below!


Can You Swap Colors In The Seint Beauty Makeup Prebuilt Collections?

The collections already come prebuilt and with the shades that match your skin tone.

So if you’re wanting to customize your collection before checking out, they cannot be customized or changed.

But, if you get the collection of your choice and a color or two isn’t working well with your skin, then you can swap out for another color. You can swap a highlight, contour, illuminator, or bronzer within 30 days of purchase. To do a shade swap, simply follow the directions HERE.

Not ready to choose your own shade yet and need help? I am happy to personally color match you and help you feel confident and comfortable about your seint makeup! Click below and fill out my quick color match form and I’ll send over my recommendations to your email!


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