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Seint Makeup:
The Best Cream Foundation For A Luminous Glow

What is Seint Makeup?

The best cream foundation that blends flawlessy into the skin and looks like skin is called SEINT! 


SEINT Official is a cosmetic line known for it’s IIID foundation. This IIID foundation is not like your traditional foundation, where one color is applied in one layer to your entire face, making it look flat.

This unique makeup by Seint uses multiple colors each in specific areas to enhance your beautiful features on your face. Meaning you use less makeup and still get that beautiful flawless coverage with minimal product!

Seint makeup is all in one compact, so no more digging through a makeup bag, it cuts your routine in half and it’s basically all your makeup bag in one single compact! 


Seint makeup can not be bought in stores, but it can be purchased online here from Me an Artist or directly from the Seint company. Seint used to be called Maskcara Beauty. The company has been renamed, but the quality of the product still remains the same. 


What does Seint Beauty IIID Foundation Do?

This makeup does everything it should to bring out your most natural beauty and enhance the features of your face without applying so much makeup. That’s one of the reasons I am so obsessed with Seint, because it’s easy to use and blends like a dream.

Layering a ton of makeup can make the skin and face look older. With Seint makeup, less is more. 

Your gorgeous face is not one-dimensional, it has natural contours and shadows. 

IIID Foundation sculpts those specific areas, helping frame your face and lift your cheekbones and highlights certain areas to bring attention to your eyes, all adding natural dimension. It's a game changer and makes your skin look youthful and luminous because you're using less makeup and it's cream based, so it looks like skin!

What is a Custom SEINT Makeup Beauty Palette?

The custom basic Seint palette consists of four magnetic tins we call highlights cream colors and that is your foundation. Seint makeup is a cream consistency, making it easy to use and to blend. The seint creams allow you to apply each color, where you need it, with the level of coverage and only in ONE layer then seamlessly blend to look like a second skin.

How Much Does SEINT Makeup Cost?

Each individual tin ranges from $14- $18 and each compact is discounted when you fill it. The dual-ended brushes are specially made for creams and unlike any other on the market for a fraction of the price. Every aspect of the line is made to be affordable and at the highest quality and customized so you get exactly what you want.

Here are some reason why you should give SEINT Makeup a try:

  • Great for all skin types

  • Completely customizable palettes, you pick and choose

  • Cuts your routine in half

  • Super easy to apply, and blends like a dream

  • Buildable coverage that feels light

  • Super Affordable, good quality, high end makeup

  • Makes you look natural and younger 

  • Easily touched up and long lasting

  • No cracking or caking applied in one layer

  • Versitle, colors do so much

  • Feels and looks like skin

  • It's cream based, which is what professionals use

  • Enhances your skin tone

  • 3o-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 60 Day-Exchange Policy, making this makeup truly risk free to try!


Seint makeup isn't only high quality makeup that makes your skin glow with an airbrushed finished look! SEINT Makeup can color correct and help with blemishes and dark circles. SEINT cream based iiid foundation makeup enhances your features all with one quick application! This makeup is beginner friendly and anyone can apply it, and I mean anyone! 

Seint makeup doesn't only make iiid foundation, cream lip + cheek shades, contours and illuminators! Seint also has custom eyeshadow palettes, a luxurious anti-aging skincare line, makeup brushes, that are double ended making them super easy to apply your makeup, but gorgeous too!

And let's not forget SEINT's 30 day money back guarantee! you can try it and if you don't love it, you can send it right back! 


Ready to see how SEINT cream iiid foundation works and give it a try but unsure of what colors to choose?

I am happy to personally color match you! Click here for your color match!

Get all the benefits and more with Seint Beauty 3D Cream Foundation and having me as your SEINT top artist to help you every step of the way!


 If you don’t want to submit a picture, take the seint makeup color match quiz below to get your customized palette filled with all you will need for a beautiful, flawless full face of clean makeup.

You  can also personally match yourself without submitting a selfie to anyone with the SEINT Collections.

Learn more about the Seint Makeup Collections and how to purchase SEINT MAKEUP without a color match HERE.

If you are wanting a new makeup routine, if you want to look feel beautiful without all the fuss and a ton of product and wasted time, then Seint makeup is for you! Seint Beauty Makeup was created to simplify and enhance the natural beauty of women. If you are looking for an easy routine that will make your skin glow and take less than 5 minutes, you just found it!

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