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The little sister to our Basic and Pro Artist Kits, the Essentials Kit includes universal Seint products for those who can't wait to become a member of our Artist Community.


The Essentials Kit is perfect for anyone who already owns Seint's products and has their own palette of personal makeup, and just needs a few more essentials to get started on their journey as an Artist.​​

essentials kit.jpeg

Essentials Kit $99 USD

  • IIID Palette 8 - Silver

  • Brushes + Bronzer Brush

  • Eyeshadow Brush

  • Line Brush

  • Silver Sponge

  • Brush Cleaner

  • Reusable Rounds

  • Lip Conditioner

basic kit.jpg

Basic Kit $225.00 USD

  • IIID Palette 4 (2)

  • IIID Palette 12 (1)

  • Brushes (2)

  • Perfector (1)

  • IIID Foundation Singles (19)

pro kit.jpg

Pro Kit $450.00 USD

  • IIID Palette 4 (2)

  • IIID Palette 12 (1)

  • Brushes (2)

  • Perfector (1)

  • IIID Foundation Singles (19)

Can I sponsor artists in both the US and Canada?  
Yes, cross border sponsorship is allowed! 

Can I have customers in both the US and Canada? 

Can I host cross border parties? 
Yes, you can have both Canada and US orders within the same party.  The exchange rate will be applied to the sales volume for cross border orders. 

A customer order shows in my party but not under my customer orders? 
All orders placed under your party link, no matter which artist account the customer is linked with, will be credited to you for both commission and hostess rewards.  If you are seeing an order in your party and commission details but not customers section, the customers account was created with another artist or directly with Seint corporate.  Feel free to send an email to Ask for confirmation on who the customer is under. 

When do I get paid?
Weekly commissions are paid out every Friday.  The pay period is for the previous week of orders from Monday – Sunday.  Monthly bonuses are paid out on the 10th of every month. 

How do I set up my Paylutions account? 
You will receive an email from Paylutions, with your login information, on the day you are paid for your first sale.  For Paylutions FAQ click here 

Do I still get paid if I’m not active?
Yes.  You will still receive your 20% weekly commissions on any customer orders regardless of your active status.

My back office is not showing my correct rank?
Your dashboard will show your current PAID rank, and remember this resets each month.  The settings page will reflect your highest rank next to the medal! This highest rank will update after the monthly payout on the 10th if you advance. 

Why wasn’t I paid out at my correct rank?
You must meet the requirements each month to be paid at that rank. 

Do I get CV/SV on my own kit purchase?
You will not get SV but it will count toward your CV for being active, enhanced retail commission, and toward becoming an Elite HAC-er!

Do I earn on my downline’s kit purchase?
You will not earn any commission on the purchase of your downline’s kit.  However, you are eligible to receive an Artist in Training bonus, which is more than you would make on a Basic Kits commission!

My new downline hit Artist ll, when will I get the Artist in Training Bonus? 
The Artist in Training Bonus has nothing to do with hitting Elite HAC-er or not.  You will receive 10% commission on their first qualifying 800 CV. This may also be paid out in separate months! 

Why haven’t I ranked to Artist II yet?
You need to be active in order to rank up to any rank and this goes for Artist ll as well.  That means the month you hit 640 in accumulative CV, you need to be active (have at least 240 CV that month) to rank up! 

Will I receive commission on orders placed through my artist account? 
You will receive commission on any orders placed at full retail.  If you make an order using your artist discount (wholesale pricing), you will not receive the 20% commission as you are receiving this 20% upfront with the discount.  

My back office shows I’m only receiving 10% commission?
The monthly enhanced personal sales commission will show 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% depending on your sales.  You are paid 20% weekly so you will receive whatever additional amount of bonus commissions on your monthly payout.  This means it will show the remaining percentage on top of the 20% you will have already received. 

What happens if my customer returns an order after I already received commission? 
If a return is made you will see a commission volume claw back in the weekly/monthly cycle the return is processed in.  This negative adjustment will stay on your account until the balance is paid off.

Will I receive SV/CV on Hostess Rewards orders? 
Yes, you will receive SV/CV on the PAID subtotal from the order.

What if someone in my downline cancels their artist account?
If an artist cancels their account then their downline will roll up in level.  For example a level 2 artist will roll up to level 1, level 3 to level 2 and so on.  Retail customers will also roll up. 

How can I get a SEINT Debit Card?
This must be done through the Paylutions website ( on a desktop!  Note: You’ll need to wait until you receive your login information before requesting that.  If you have any questions regarding the Paylutions website or app, their customer service can help you with that! 
Phone: 1-877-546-8220 Email:

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