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This guide will help you figure out how to get your seint makeup color match for your beautiful all in one compact makeup.

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SEINT Virtual Color Match

There are three ways for my customers to get color matched for Seint makeup (formerly known

as Maskcara Beauty.) 

The first  way is the online Seint color match quiz, you will get your results instantly after completing it.

You basically answer a few questions about your skin tone and you will get your results based on your answers.

After completing the seint color match quiz below, you will be shown your results and directed to shop your own makeup with confidence.


How To Get A Maskcara Beauty SEINT Makeup Color Match With Your Photo


Second way to get your colors matched is by filling out my quick color match form and submit your photo.

Once I receive it, I will let you know and start working on your color match immediately.


This part of the process is so important!

A Seint makeup color match basically means that we get you matched to the right IIID foundation colors for your skin tone. Choosing the right shades for you is very important, and I can do all the work for you! I will look at the tones and pigment in your skin and recommend what seint  IIID foundation colors would be best for you! So you can relax and let me do all the hard work! You will receive your seint makeup color match with a prebuilt palette you can customize, but I make it very easy for you to get your hands on this makeup and as your artist I will be here after you get it to help you if you need me too!

After I color match you to the right colors, I can build your compact for you. Or if you took the quiz, you get to build your own compact, we can do this together or you can easily do it alone as well. When you buy Seint, you get to create exactly what you want how you want… so build a compact that’s going to fit your needs.

I will help you and give my personal recommendations, but you have the final say!

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Seint Makeup Palette Prebuilt Collections

The third way to get your seint makeup color match If you don’t want to send over you bare faced photo, and you’re not satisfied with the seint makeup color quiz results. Is by finding your own shade on the site. SEINT has now made it even easier for you to purchase your own seint makeup palette, with their new seint makeup prebuilt collections . There is three collections to choose from, and each seint makeup collection has an option for you to color match yourself on the shade finder. The seint makeup collections come with a brush so they make it very easy for you to get your hands on this makeup! 

See them below and just click on the seint makeup collection you like best to find your own shade!

Learn more about the Seint makeup collections here.

And as an added note of comfort, no matter which option you choose to use, all Seint purchases are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee on all products, as well as a 30-day exchange policy on all highlights, contours, illuminators, and bronzers.

So if you are worried about a color not be the right one for you, just know that you can return/exchange it really easily!

So let’s get your Seint Color Match done!!!

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