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SEINT: Where To Buy The All In One Cream Makeup Palette Seen On Tiktok

All in one cream makeup palette on TikTok seint makeup palette where to buy seint beauty makeup
The All In One Cream Makeup Palette On Tiktok

So you’ve seen “Seint Makeup” the all in one cream makeup palette with foundation and wondering where you can get your own to give it a try?

The makeup line is called Seint Official.

Seint makeup formerly known as Maskcara Beauty has been all over social media and everyone wants to know where to buy it?


Seint is a makeup line that is sold online only only. It is not sold in any stores. So if you are wondering where to buy Seint makeup, you must go through the Seint Website.

Seint Beauty makeup is customizable to you! You can actually build it exactly how you like with the Seint palette builder. Seint makeup is designed to simplify your beauty routine by having to apply only one layer of makeup and in one simple compact. Seint is known for their iiid foundation that consists of a highlight, contour, blush and illuminator combo. You can start with the seint basic palette or make it even more special with seint eyeshadows and even perfume. I also recommend the amazing Seint brushes specifically made to apply this cream makeup!


The majority of the basic products (foundation, bronzer, illuminator) in the larger tins are $16-18Eyeshadows are $14-16.

All of the products are very pigmented, which means you will only need a little bit to get the coloring and coverage that you want.


Now that you know where to buy Seint Makeup its so important to know there are a few ways you can purchase Seint products so that you can get shopping.

How do you know what colors will look great on you? A trained Seint Artist like myself specializes in helping women find the colors that will complement their skin coloring and preferences.

You can have fill out my seint color match form and I will personally color match you and build your basic palette with the perfect shades for your skin tone.


If you are new to Seint Makeup and don’t want to send over your photo, I would suggest starting by looking at our Seint Collections. The Seint Collections come in a variety of sizes and include multiple products to help you create the perfect look. You can choose an option that is simple and has the

basic essentials. A more advance option that will to take your makeup experience to the next level. Or even the most advanced collection that has absolutely everything you need to get started. Or you can find your own level shade with the shade finder on the site where the pre-built palettes are listed. Just click on the collection you like best and it will show you all the levels. Seint Shade Finder


How long does seint beauty makeup last
How long does seint makeup last


Highlight colors are your typical foundation and skin color shade. They can be used as your concealer too! It’s the product that you’ll use the most. Highlight shades will last between 2-4 months, depending on how much coverage you want and how often you use it.


Contour is what gives your face dimension and enhances your features! It‘s like spanx for your face!! It usually lasts 3-6 months. You apply your contour color along your cheekbones, your forehead, your jawline, and on the sides of your nose to make your beautiful face look dimensional.


Lip & Cheek color, also known as blush can last a long time because a little goes a long way! These colors are so pigmented and there is gloss shades and matte shades to choose from, they’re all so beautiful! They usually last 6-12 months.


Illuminator makes your skin glow! Illuminator lasts about 12 months because you don’t need a lot to get that dewy look. There is creams or powders to choose from! If you have oily skin, I recommend you choose a powder illuminator! If your skin is more mature and on the dryer side, you will love the cream illuminators!


Seint eyeshadows are so beautiful and have so much pigment! You don’t need to use so much! I love how these eyeshadows will last you a long time! Like 1-2 years long. You pick and choose which ones you love best!


Seint makeup return policy
Seint makeup return policy

Now, I know buying makeup can be tricky, even when you are in a store and can see it in person. If you are concerned about purchasing makeup online, don’t be. Seint has a great return policy! Seint offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products, as well as a 30-day exchange policy on select products and as well as a 60-day exchange policy.

If I am your artist I am happy to help you with this, or you can email them directly with your order information and they will gladly assist you!

If you’re ready to make the change and wanting to simplify your routine to something easy, beautiful and affordable, I an happy to help you get started!


Mayra Lopez


Nov 22, 2023

Can you please share my link if I send it


Brett Pitt
Brett Pitt
Feb 23, 2023

When it comes to its products, it divides them into three categories: facial products like highlight and contour, eye products like eye shadow, and brushes and tools like brow brushes and multitasker brushes. Because practically every product used in cosmetics can be found at seint, applying makeup is not only simple but also quick, easy, and enjoyable. During this time, seint has been concentrating on producing high-quality materials as well. Gluten and parabens are not present in the makeup that is sold by the company, and the company does not test on animals. Beeswax is also present in the company's goods. Seint can assist you in realizing your goal of being more beautiful, which is sure to bring you much…

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