The Best Makeup For Mature Skin Is Seint ( Formerly Maskcara Beauty)

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Maskcara Beauty Makeup For mature skin

Getting older might come with its challenges, but looking good shouldn't be one of them! As we age and our skin begins to change it becomes harder to find a product that wont bring out fine lines and wrinkles. I am here to tell you that I have found the right makeup products to help revive that youthfulness you've been looking for. This Makeup from Seint Beauty (formerly Maskcara Beauty) is the best thing for mature skin! This makeup will help you look more youthful, make your skin glow, and I know that you will just love it!

Seint Makeup is perfect for mature skin because it offers buildable coverage, and as we age we need more coverage without that caked on feel. Seint Makeup also moves with your skin bringing out your beautiful features instead of hiding them away.

This beautiful model here is wearing Seint Makeup and you can see just how radiant she looks.

Seint ( formerly Maskcara Beauty) Makeup Is-

Seint Makeup, is a cream foundation system that is placed in one layer and slides beautifully on the skin. When you get the correct shades for your skin tone , it should really look like a second skin!

What I love about Seint makeup is how easy it is to use. It also will melt into your face nicely and move when you move, giving you that beautiful natural look. If you have mature skin, this cream makeup will melt into your wrinkles, it will cover your age and sun spots. This makeup system is designed to bring out your beautiful features and enhance your cheekbones your jawline and give you everything you’ve been looking for in a makeup routine!

Why Is Seint Makeup The Best for Mature Skin?

Seint makeup is unlike anything else, trust me, it’s customizable to you and your skin needs. It’s creamy and melts into the skin, giving you all the coverage and more without a ton of product. For mature skin, sometimes you may have some discoloration or sunspots you may want to color correct so having an expert color match is highly encouraged. I can help with this.

Seint Expert Color Match Form

Typically with 4 foundation colors you can get started with Seint. I call this the basic starter kit. Since this makeup is applied in one layer, you will place them right where you want them.

Your highlight is your regular skin color which is known as foundation, your contour is the dark ashy shade that will help give your face shadow and dimension and can be used for multiple things. A blush color is perfect for adding a little color to your lovely face, and the illuminator is great for giving your skin that youthful glow.

Below you can see an example of where to apply this makeup and what a basic starter palette looks like.

What Are The Best Makeup Tools From Seint (Formerly Maskcara Beauty) to Use On Mature Skin?

The best tools for applying makeup on mature skin are the following:

Buff Brush: This is the perfect brush for applying your highlight & contour! Use the bigger side for applying your highlight and the smaller end for applying your contour.

This brush makes application easy and percise.

You want to apply the cream foundation in a stippling motion so it goes onto your skin nicely.

Blush + Bronzer Brush: You won’t find a better brush for applying bronzer and blush! This is my absolute favorite brush for a fast application.

It’s so soft and easy to use to apply and blend your makeup flawlessly. You can even purchase it in a bundle with a bronzer that saves you money!

The Blush + Bronzer Brush: This brush is great for the lightest of coverage. You can use this brush either for detail highlight & contour and applying your powder illuminator. It's so soft and you will love it!

The Eyeshadow Brush: This eyeshadow brush is the easiest brush I have ever used! It has made applying eyeshadow so easy. It’s the perfect brush for applying eyeshadow and blending it out on your mature skin.

LineBrush: This is one of my other favorite brushes! If you have trouble with shaping your eyebrows or doing that nice liner, this brush is perfect for helping you define your brows and liner! Simply use an eyeshadow shade or contour shade and use this brush to help fill in those beautiful brows so you can finish your look off! Filling in the brows makes the biggest difference and gives the face a more youthful look.

Perfector Sponge: The key to applying flawless, beautiful makeup is blending! Using the perfector sponge lightly damped either with our Setting Spray or water, will make the biggest difference. Using a sponge helps pick up any extra product on the skin, avoiding any texture on the skin. This is a step I highly recommend not skipping, because It will help melt your makeup into your face so your makeup will move when you move and not sink into any fine lines or wrinkles.

How Much Does Seint Makeup Cost?

This cream makeup is truly affordable and a real game changer! It's also more affordable than you think!

Seint Makeup costs only $14.00-$16.00 a tin! Yeah, your all over coverage foundation is only $14.00!

If you are interested in getting your own set you can find all the customizable compacts here in the shop section of the site.

If you aren’t sure which colors to buy and don't want to email me a selfie, just click on color match below to take the color matching quiz and find your skin tone and perfect shades instantly.

I am always happy to help you!