SEINT Beauty Is The Best For Busy Moms

Why I love Seint Makeup

Today we’re talking all about minimalist makeup and simple beauty routines for busy women.

It’s easy to end up with too many makeup products. They seem small and innocent enough, but before you know it you have drawers and baskets overflowing with makeup and other personal care items.

A lot of which you might not even use or like! Today I’m sharing why I love a simple beauty routine, along with a look inside my own minimalist makeup bag.

I hope it gives you some inspiration and encouragement if you’re ready to create your own simple beauty routine.


I use my Seint custom makeup palette everyday to highlight and contour like a professional make up artist. I can get ready in less than 5 minutes! Not only did I learn how to do my make up best, but how to do it fast and simple. You can see me do my makeup in the video below. You will see how easy and practical this makeup is!

ITS COMPACT & PRETTY We are known for our customizable gorgeous compacts. Essentially EVERYTHING in your makeup bag can be replaced into a very neat and tidy BEAUTIFUL Seint compact. Replace one color at a time. Only buy what you need when you need it. So you save money on your products.


Generally high quality make up is very pricey. Brushes, foundations and colors that are pigmented and long lasting can be expensive. Seint is very affordable, but also high end, professional quality. Each tin is just $14, and you can replace one color at a time instead of an entire palette.

ITS BEAUTIFUL MAKE UP Our most popular product is our Highlight and Contour (HAC) palette aka iiid foundation. A GENIUS new way of doing your foundation without caking on all the layers to add all the dimension. Instead of just one solid color for your entire face and adding highlight and contour on top, we simplify the make up process while using minimal product, that still gives you that coverage you desire and highlighting your best features.

If you are convinced and ready to simplify your makeup routine, then It’s time to simplify your makeup routine and I am here to help! I love connecting with women and helping them love their makeup routine! If you are a makeup lover or a makeup minimalist Seint has a compact for you!

If you are interested in getting your own Seint HAC pack and brush you can find them all HERE!!

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If you are ready to get your own custom color match for this gorgeous makeup, just take the simple color match quiz below! Or you can fill out my color match form for assistance.

Seint Color Match Form


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