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Seint makeup
Seint Makeup is a game changer.

Seint Makeup is the best for the Everyday Women

Establishing a morning routine can be hard, especially with kids and all the day to day stuff.

I have simplified my routine immensely with this new makeup of the future!

What I've learned from working with women is that we want to do our makeup because it helps us to feel confident and beautiful, but we usually don't do it because we don't have time, know what to do, or have the right products that make it worthwhile. Does this sound like you?

It was 100% me for basically my whole life, but not anymore and that’s why I love Seint. I now enjoy doing my makeup because it doesn’t take very much time, it helps me feel dang good about myself, I have the right products that make it easy and affordable, and I’ve gained the knowledge to be confident in what I’m doing. Now I help other women do the same!

Can I just talk to all the moms out there right now? Mama I know you are tired, I know your work is never ending and some days it’s hard to squeeze in a shower let alone put on your makeup.

Can I ask you something? How do you feel when you do have your makeup on? More awake? More alive? Beautiful? Confident?

I’m not here to tell you that you need makeup. You are beautiful without makeup. Makeup isn’t about covering something ugly, it’s about illuminating something beautiful.

I’m also not here to tell you that you need to wear makeup for your husband. Or that wearing makeup will keep that romance alive. Honestly your husband probably can’t tell when your eyebrows are on fleek. A man who really loves you, loves every look of you.

But if you are like me, you feel different when you have your makeup on. You feel a little more awake, a little more confident, and perhaps like more of a priority. As moms we tend to put ourselves last. We take care of our kids, our houses, our husbands, and our jobs; but we often neglect ourselves. So maybe that’s why when I put my makeup on I feel better. I feel like a person worthy of some “me time”.

Mom life can be crazy! Let’s not let our makeup routine be crazy, but let’s also not neglect ourselves.

Mamma if you are in need of some self-care time, please, please slow down and give yourself a chance to do something for you!

You know that old saying “If mamma ain’t happy, Nobody ain’t happy”. Well it’s true. You have to take care of yourself so that you can bring your best, happiest self to your family.

What if all your makeup could fit in one small compact? No more digging through a makeup bag or carting around a heavy box heaped with products. What if all your makeup magically fit and stayed in place? It can! The future of makeup is here! Let me show you my obsession and how it all works!

Seint Color Match

If you have a makeup bag full of makeup with bottles of foundation, tubes of lipstick, BB cream, concealer sticks, etc. you need Seint!

It’s time to simplify your makeup routine and I am here to help! I love connecting with women and helping them love their makeup routine!

If you are a makeup lover or a makeup minimalist Seint has a compact for you! .

Let's get you color matched today!

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