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How To Highlight & Contour Using SEINT IIID Foundation

how to hac with maskcara beauty foundation

How to HAC using Maskcara now called SEINT Beauty Makeup?

First off, before you learn how to HAC, what in the world does HAC even mean?!


Let me introduce you to the world of IIID makeup…it will change your life forever! Do you remember hanging out in Gottschalks with your mom as the Clinique lady sold her a heavy foundation that would completely cover her face with one flat finish? Well, this is not your momma’s makeup! (But, your momma is more than welcome to use it!)

It’s great for all ages, skin types, and colors.

Gone are the days of the bland face and here to stay is the contoured and highlighted brightened beauty! The beautiful thing about SEINT makeup is that it is meant to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Women were meant to shine. Women were meant to be different. This makeup will help any woman feel and look gorgeous. Let me show you how!

If I can HAC, you can too! Learn how to HAC. HAC SEINT makeup makes it easy for beginner makeup, busy moms and everyone to have an easy everyday makeup routine with dimension and that instant lift!!

If you want a personal color match from yours truly. submit your photo here or take my quick color match quiz below this tutorial!

Seint Makeup Maskcara Beauty Tutorial

Want to learn more about how to get your own Seint Makeup ( Formerly Maskcara Beauty) Starter PalettE Kit- Click Here



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