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If you’ve been struggling to get those dark circles covered, and you hate layering a ton of makeup to give you the coverage you need on your beautiful face… I have the perfect solution for you. It’s cream makeup!! Yes with Seint cream 3D foundation you can achieve that coverage you need with these little tricks. It's all about color correcting and using the right colors you thought you would never use on your face to make the magic happen. Makeup is magical, the colors I will share here are going to blow your mind. Plus, You will only have to use very little product, because less is always more.

Seint Makeup Color Correcting

Color correcting is one of my favorite make up tricks. I struggle with rosacea, so finding the right color to correct that has really changed my makeup appeal. Whether it's redness you struggle with, dark under eye circles, vitiligo, melasma, etc. By using color science we can help neutralize the offending color you wish to conceal even better than with just foundation alone.

Peopls often think that using a bright concealer will do the job. Using a brighter color will actually make what you are trying to conceal more appealing. By using a color opposite of it on the color wheel, you actually neutralize it and need much less product to cover it than if you were just layering on your foundation.

Not only does it give you better coverage, but you'll even have less make up on so won't feel or look cakey. You also won’t have texture and the makeup creasing onto fine lines.

I can help you with choosing if any of these tricks are needed for you and which colors would help you to neutralize the colors you aren't happy with, just be sure to mention it in your color match form if you're needing extra help with that!

Colors To Help Color Correct From Seint

Don’t let the dark circles under your eyes scare you anymore! With just a couple of products and a little TLC, you will be looking and feeling extra good! I can help you with your seint makeup color correctors!

Click HERE to shop seint highlights or demi color, those magic dark cirlce eraser shades are amazing!

Fix Those Dark Circles Quickly Or That Redness On The Skin With Seint

If you are interested in getting your own set you can find all the customizable compacts in the shop section of the site!

Also, if you aren’t sure which colors to buy, you can get your personal color match from me here or if you don't want to submit your photo, just click on color match below to take the color matching quiz and find your skin tone and perfect shades instantly. I hope this was helpful! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!


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