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How To Contour Your Nose Correctly With Seint Official Contours

Why is contouring so important? So many people ask me and to be honest, if I was asked this question when I was younger and started experimenting with makeup, I would probably say I don't know, because I could care less about all that contouring, seriously!

I didn't have the time, nor the patience to sit in the mirror for hours trying to make my wide nose thinner! I didn't even know where to begin or what to even use.

It was later in life that I realized what a difference contouring made, when I was in my 20's. Still, I didn't master it till my 30's! So I want to share my tips with you on how to actually do it without any problems and the correct way!

See, makeup can make or break your beauty and no I am not kidding at all. Contouring your face is little trick that can help you achieve the perfect face shape, but many girls want to learn how to contour your nose to bring the best out. There are many techniques used during the nose contouring makeup which makes it a very interesting process to learn.

I have been asked over and over how to master this technique and it truly isn't as hard as everyone thinks it is. Contouring is made so simple especially when you use the correct products and good lighting.

In my tutorial below I explain how to achieve this Hollywood instant nose job look without having to pay a ton of money! Makeup is so magical and when done correctly, it becomes fun and easy.

I am all about a simple routine and trust me, I don't spend hours in the mirror trying to perfect my face. The products I use are all in one palette and from Maskcara. Maskcara IIID foundation is a cream makeup that blends so easy and looks like a second skin. You can use another cream makeup of your choice, this technique works well with any cream based makeup!

Contouring your face is little trick that can help you achieve the perfect face shape. Follow the steps given here, you would learn how to contour your nose like a pro!

Here's my video on how I do it:

I hope that this video was helpful and that contouring becomes easier for you. If you don't know where to even begin with contouring and you are wanting to learn more about this technique

you can learn more HERE !

My goal is to serve and help you simplify your routine, if you would like to learn more about Seint Official and the Artist program, contact me below and I will gladly help you any way I can!

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