Get Your Expert Seint Color Match (formerly Maskcara Color Match) Here


I offer two ways for my customers to get color matched for Seint formally known as Maskcara Beauty.

First way is the online color match quiz, you will get your results instantly after completing it. You basically answer a few questions about your skin tone and you will get your results based on your answers. After completing the seint color match quiz, you will be shown your results and directed to shop your own makeup with confidence.

Take Seint Beauty Color Match Quiz

How To Get A Maskcara Beauty SEINT Color Match With Your Photo

Second way to get your colors matched is by filling out my color match form and submit your photo.

This part of the process is so important!

A Maskcara Seint color match basically means that we get you matched to the right IIID foundation colors for your skin tone. Choosing the right shades for you is very important, and I can do all the work for you! I will look at the tones and pigment in your skin and recommend what IIID foundation colors would be best for you! So you can relax and let me do all the hard work!

Seint Color Match Submit Your Photo Here


Stand directly in front of a window then move about 3 feet back. I need a photo in natural light so I can see true skin tone.

Also, include your face and neck in the photo. Sometimes your skin tone on your face and neck do not quite match. I will look at that and address it in my custom color match.

Take a photo during the day so there is good natural light.


Wear any foundation or makeup on your face when you take the photo.

Take a photo in your bathroom or anywhere where there is artificial light. Also, don’t take a photo outside. If you take a photo outside during the day it will most likely be too bright or there will be shadows on your face.

That’s what I need from you!

Shop For Your Custom SEINT Beauty IIID Foundation Compact

Seint Color Match Makeup
Seint Custom Palette

After I color match you to the right colors, I can build your compact for you. Or if you took the quiz, you get to build your own compact, we can do this together or you can easily do it alone as well. When you buy Seint, you get to create exactly what you want how you want… so build a compact that’s going to fit your needs.

I will help you and give my personal recommendations, but you have the final say!

Seint Makeup Palette Bundle Ideas

Seint IIID Palette 4

Seint IIID Palette 8

Seint IIID Palette 12

SEINT Beauty Discounts With Compact

Seint Compacts

Add some Seint Beauty Brushes

Grab your brushes – the brushes help mold your gorgeous face. In fact – Maskcara Beauty brushes are so incredibly high quality – they do the work for you. Every brush Maskcara Beauty makes is double ended – saving you time and space (and also making them very affordable – you get two brushes for the price of one). The IIID Brush and the Detail brush were designed with the IIID foundation in mind – a must have! I’m also a big big fan of the new Buff brush – if you prefer a full coverage makeup look, she’s your girl! And, if you like a sweet deal you can save some money and grab the collection of the most popular brushes here. I really love them all!

seint brushes makeup brushes seint color match seint beauty brush collection
SEINT Brushes

Time to Checkout!

Okay! At this point, you should have all items you want in your cart and be ready to buy your SEINT makeup and checkout! Everything ships directly from SEINT Beauty’s warehouse to you!

They have a 30 day money back guarantee and 60 day exchange policy if you have any hesitations.

Once your makeup arrives we can chat so you’re confident in the application and wearing it like a pro!

You can also join my Beauty group HERE for my makeup tips and tricks!

One last thing when you buy your SEINT makeup – if you think you’ll be ordering $200 or more, let me know and I’ll open a customer rewards link for you! Whenever you purchase thru your link, you’ll get a percentage back toward free product. You can also share the link with friends as well and it goes towards your rewards!!

You can just send me an email at or mention it when you submit your photo for your color match!

I hope this was helpful for you. I am always here to help you get started when you're ready!