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Save Money & Build Your Own Custom Eyeshadow Palette With Seint Makeup

How much money have you spent at your favorite makeup store on beautiful eyeshadow palettes?

Eyeshadow palettes that you don't even use every color, but you don't throw them out because you spent a pretty penny on them and you tell yourself that you will eventually use that bold shade for a special occasion, but never do! Trust me, I HAVE BEEN THERE!

Don’t you just wish you could purchase the colors that you use and love?!

Now you can have your favorite colors in one single seint palette!

Personalizing your own seint compact is one of the reasons why Seint Beauty is so awesome!

With Seint Makeup being a custom makeup line, you don't have to keep wishing anymore!

Is Seint Eyeshadow Cream or Powder?

With over 80 gorgeous shades to choose from, Seint Eyeshadows offer a wide variety of textures and shades to choose from everything from creams to powders, glitters/shimmers to mattes and bright pops of color to soft subtle neutrals.

How Much Do Seint Eyeshadows Cost?

Every seint eyeshadow is sold separately for $12-$16. They are very pigmented, high quality, long lasting eyeshadows that make applying so easy and just make the eyes pop!

How To Buy Seint Makeup Eyeshadows

Not sure what seint eyeshadows look best on your eyes, I will share a few bundles you can pair up that will compliment depending on your eye color!

When you bundle Seint eyeshadows you actually save with a discounted seint compact!

The beauty of Seint is that when you run out of that go to color, reorder that one color for $12.

You no longer have to replace the entire eyeshadow palette to get your favorite color again!

Step 1: Pick out your eyeshadow colors.

Step 2: Choose your compact

Step 3: That’s it! Purchase and rock those shades!

How Do You Choose Seint Eyeshadows?

Here are some of my favorite seint eyeshadow shades and combos together!

Depending on your eye color you can choose neutral shades, cooler shades or warm shades!

You can mix and match, so the sky is the limit!

Also, I added the best seint brushes I've ever used for applying seint eyeshadow. To be honest, I am not an eyeshadow guru, but these seint brushes have really made my application so much easier and actually super fun. These brushes are the best I've ever used! I have previously purchased so many different kinds of blending brushes, because I have always wanted to get that smooth, perfect blended eyeshadow look and the struggle was so real.

These double ended Seint brushes changed my eyeshadow game, I am so glad I found these babies, so if you are an eyeshadow beginner or a pro, these brushes will be the icing on your cake!

Best Eyeshadow Brushes

What it is: Seint Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is an essential tool for mastering all eyeshadow techniques.

How you use it

Use the fluffy end for all-over color and blending and the small, dense end to create smoky details.

Why it’s better

The two sides are shaped to blend and smudge eyeshadow for fast and seamless application

Double-ended brushes save space in your bag and make your beauty routine a breeze.

What it is: Seint Smudge Brush

The Smudge Brush is the right tool for the job if you are looking to up your eye makeup game!

How you use it

Use the dense rounded end to apply eyeshadow right where you want it with intensity and precision, and the small domed end to blur shades and smudge lines like an expert.

Why it’s better

Take your look from soft and subtle to bold and dramatic and create the perfect smoky eye with this 2-in-1 must-have brush.

Seint Eyeshadow Combinations For Every Eye Color

These shimmers are gorgeous! Also super pigmented and full of vivid color and sparkle!

Ready to build your Seint Eyeshadow Palette?!

Just click here and get started selecting the colors you love best!

If you need help finding your perfect colors just message me!

Also, If you are wanting a specific look or want to purchase a gift but need help deciding on colors, send me a text message 281-729-0888!

I am always here to help!

Looking for easy makeup that you're going to love?!

Want to learn about my 3 MINUTE MAKEUP?



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