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All About SEINT Makeup Brushes + Tools

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the best makeup brush sets, and which ones to buy.

I have purchased a few sets and while it’s a great way to get a variety of brushes, I find myself not using all of them. I was tired of buying a ton of brushes I didn’t even know what they were for.

When I was introduced to Seint cream makeup when it was first called Maskcara Beauty In 2018, my mind was blown away! That’s when I used my first double ended brush that could be used for various things.

I instantly fell in love with the idea of having two brushes for the price of one!!

If you are already using the Seint Beauty makeup line, buying a Seint brush for application is non-negotiable. They are designed specifically to work with the creamy base of the makeup, and will make a world of difference in not only how this makeup is applied, but also the finished look.

The Seint Brush Collection

What I love most about the Seint Brushes is that the bristles on these brushes are all super soft. The collection saves you money too! However, they are still dense enough to be able to pick up the product and evenly distribute the seint cream makeup onto your face, without leaving a bunch of product trapped between it’s bristles.

Also, every brush is double-sided, so you get two-brushes in one. So not only are the duel-ended brushes saving you money, but they keep your house cleaner by reducing the amount of clutter you have on your vanity. (If you ever need help talking yourself into a purchase, I’m your girl. I can justify any purchase.

So do yourself a favor, and throw out your old brushes and start building up your Seint Brush collection now, two brushes at a time (they are double-sided, remember?).

Or grab the Seint Brush Collection all in one go to get the the best bang for your buck!

With these double ended brushes you can grab 7 of our brushes so you can do everything from your powder to your eyebrows.

IIID Brush- The IIID Brush is perfect for applying your highlight and contour in a flash.

Detail Brush- Great for applying your Foundation and your contour with more detail.

Smudge Brush- The Smudge brush has one side with a more dense round end to pack on eyeshadows and the other as a domed end to blend smudge and blur

Buff Brush- Best Full Coverage Brush –

My FAVORITE brush of all time!! If you like an airbrushed, flawless face – you need this brush! Do you need full coverage without feeling or looking heavy or cakey?

You need this brush!! Also, if you have scarring or large pores and have trouble covering with makeup – you need this brush!!

Multitasker Brush- Good For Lips, Contouring your nose, Eyeliner you name it!

Line Brush- A double ended angled brush, the Know Your Angles brush creates natural looking hairs and sweeps color through brows with precision.

Blend Brush - One side is for applying in specific areas or blending, and the other wispy side to apply powder highlights, Illuminators, or blushes

Blush + Bronzer Brush- The

Blush + Bronzer Brush is a great brush for applying a light layer of foundation, loose powder and is also know to be used for applying blush and bronzer. See the collection here

Also, If you would like to know more about these brushes and which one is best for you, I would love to help you get the perfect brushes for you! It's my pleasure to serve you and share with you all that things I love in the beauty world! Thanks for reading!

If you would like to know more about Seint Makeup Line CLICK HERE


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