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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Seint Cream Makeup

10 Reasons To Switch To Seint Cream Makeup

When I was expecting my third child in 2017, I got Rosacea. I was desperately looking for something to cover it up and not make it any worse every time I had a flare up. This was all new to me and I just couldn't find the right clean makeup products to help me cover it up without making it worse.

I was on Facebook and saw an old friend who I went to highschool with post about how she suffered from the same thing and was talking about this new cream makeup that was so good on her skin. To be honest, I didn't believe it, it all seemed weird to me. I had been using liquid foundation and powders for years, but I know I wasn't happy with the results.

So after seeing her post, I began to follow Maskcara Beauty ( now Seint Beauty ) on instagram and just kept thinking about giving it a try. I even followed a few Artists too, I wanted to see how good this stuff really was before I actually bought it.

Finally I did and at first it was different and took me a few tries to actually get it looking decent. There was a learning curve, a new way to apply my makeup, but I loved it and fell head over heels with this new cream makeup. So did my skin, I instantly noticed that this new cream makeup was giving me coverage, it wasn't irritating my skin and it looked like real skin. I didn't have to use so much product to achieve the results I wanted to feel confident.

I have now been using cream makeup for 5 years now and I don't think I will ever go back to my liquid foundation or powder again!

I will be sharing my reasons you too should switch to cream makeup.

I will list all my favorite cream products to use from Seint Beauty. You can check out their site here.

Or you can take my free, quick and easy beauty routine quiz here to get started with a new and a better makeup routine!


  1. Great for All Skin Types

  2. Buildable Coverage That Feels Light

  3. Easy To Apply

  4. Affordable

  5. No Cracking or Caking

  6. Feels & Looks Like Skin

  7. Easily Touched Up

  8. Makes You Look Younger

  9. Versitle

  10. Cuts Your Routine In Half

Because Cream makeup looks like skin. It really does! Its looks better and makes your skin look younger! Professional Makeup Artists have been using it on celebrities, models, you name it!

That's why they always look incredible. It looks youthful and just makes the skin glow. It's easy to work with and it doesn't crease into fine lines either! Liquid foundation, spray, mineral and powders don't give you that dewy, skin like finish without creasing or over layering.

I love that cream makeup gives you buildable coverage with minimal product, because it's smooth and gives you a flawless youthful finish.

Cream will not cause drying and can actually help keep moisture together.

When the correct color is chosen, cream foundation should melt onto the skin. Cream foundation does not set, it does not crack or cake. It actually moves with your skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. This is what makes cream makeup so special, it leaves your skin looking smooth and youthful.

Seint cream makeup before and after
Seint Cream Makeup Before and After

It's easy to work with too. If you make a mistake you can easily touch it right up.

It's also very versatile, you can use lip colors even contours and cream foundation for different things on your face to give you a full look. Meaning you only need very little product to look put together, which saves you time, space and money.

Ready to see how cream foundation works and give it a try? I am happy to personally color match you! Click here for your color match! Get all the benefits and more with Seint Beauty 3D Cream Foundation. If you don’t want to submit a picture, take the seint makeup color match quiz below to get your customized palette filled with all you will need for a beautiful, flawless full face of clean makeup.


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