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How to Look Younger with Makeup: Best Makeup for Women

So the truth is we all want to look beautiful? We want to age gracefully and not wear makeup that makes us actually look older. When I started wearing makeup, I swear I just wanted to put every product I could get my hands on, on my face to give me color. Of course I was like 15, so yeah, my skin looked incredible!

Let's fast forward to 20 years... my skin is not what it was then, and it isn't looking that incredible anymore! I have taken good care of it, but we all age and it's part of life. So as a makeup artist I have been exploring with all the makeup you can imagine, and trying to make myself and my clients look more youthful and beautiful.

With time I have found that most popular foundation formulas are liquid or powder. Who knew that there was anything else?! So when someone hears that your foundation is cream it is usually a little foreign.

What do you think of when you hear cream makeup? Greasy, thick, melts in the sun, messy, cakey? Those are all completely FALSE! Cream makeup is the new thing, it's totally perfect for all skin types and has so many beautiful benefits! I am obsessed with how youthful it makes the skin look so, I am going to outline some of the benefits of cream makeup and some of the reasons I don't like powder and liquid foundations like I used to, in this post.

First, CREAMS- are super easy to use! If you get it in the wrong place you can wipe it right off. With powders it can be quite hard to correct your mistakes. Cream can be applied in a thin layer and is very hard to mess up! Who doesn’t love easy right? I have been saved quite a few times by just wiping off the contour that looks like a beard.

  • POWDERS They sit on top of the skin and can make your fine lines appear more noticeable.

Everyone has fine lines. No matter how old or how young you are, we all have smile lines and areas on our face that move when we talk and laugh. That’s the beauty of our skin. It moves with us! Unfortunately, liquids and powders aren’t forgiving when it comes to your facial movements. This can mean that you will see lines and cracks in your foundation as your face moves throughout the day.

  • CREAM Makeup acts as a second skin so it can genuinely look like you aren’t wearing any makeup. When you put it on, it doesn’t change the texture or moisture of your skin! If you are seeing extra texture, you likely have the wrong color! These cream colors should blend into your skin like butter and give you a natural looking finish. The dewy texture is very unique to creams and gives you a gorgeous natural glow.

  • POWDER And liquids are harder to use. They dry out more quickly and can be tricky for beginners just learning to apply makeup.

How many times have you gone to put your powder blush onto your face after you applied your liquid foundation and you accidentally put on too much? Eeeek! We all know that feeling of frustration. Nobody wants to look like a clown– unless you are actually trying to look like a clown, then, by all means, you do you! But back to what I’m trying to get at, when you have an ‘oops’ moment with traditional makeup products, it can be so frustrating to have to take all of the layers of makeup off your face so you can fix it, right?

  • CREAM In addition to being easy, cream is the most blendable and buildable makeup out there. You can get a very light to full coverage using the same product! Just build it up until you get the coverage you need and blend it out to perfection. It doesn’t feel heavy and can also be touched up easily. Because it is like a second skin, it is really easy to spot treat and update your look.

  • POWDER it’s hard to blend different shades of powder & liquid foundations together to get a custom color for your face.

There are many reasons a lot of people pay a lot of money for a professional makeup artist to do their makeup. One of them is because professional makeup artists are trained to be able to custom create foundation colors that will match your skin. Very rarely is anyone one color across their whole face. Most of us are a mixture of light and dark areas. This makes it nearly impossible to pick out one bottle or compact of foundation for your face. 9 times out of 10, it just won’t work well.

  • CREAM The makeup doesn’t set! When you’re used to your makeup setting it seems strange at first. Instead of setting into your fine lines and creasing, creams can move and go with the natural movement of your face. And it will make your skin HAPPY! Products that set are very irritating on your skin and can dry it out. Creams work with your skin and are very gentle.

  • POWDER Liquids and Powder foundations can make your skin feel dry.

When your face produces it’s natural oils, and you soak those oils up with powders and thick liquids on your skin, it can dry your skin out which will then cause your skin to create more oils. To remedy this, traditionally, most people apply more powders and thick liquids. The problem with this is that instead of fixing the problem, you are actually making it worse! Add to that, now you have many layers of makeup on your skin and we all know that is not the most comfortable situation to be in.

  • CREAM The best part is that cream works on all types of skin. Dry, oily, combination, it doesn’t matter. Cream is perfect for each skin type, which is why it is all we offer. We wouldn’t want to create a bunch of products that aren’t a good fit for most people and overwhelm and confuse them when creams work on almost anyone! Keepin’ it simple! Creams are the way to go for basically everyone.

  • POWDER Your skin can look more dull and flat.

When liquid foundation dries onto your skin, it creates a matte finish. While this can be desirable at times, and in certain situations, it also makes our skin look dull and one-dimensional. The same goes for powder foundation. Powders are meant to make the skin take on a matte appearance. The problem with this is that it also makes us look dull and lifeless. Yuck. Nobody wants that!

  • CREAM Cream foundation leaves skin with a dewy glow and a hydrated feel.

Glowy, dewy, radiant skin is in! Everyone wants to look younger and more healthy. Start with your face, and let your skin show the world how you feel on the inside. Nobody wants to feel like their makeup is drying their skin out and leaving them looking dry. Another bonus of cream foundation is that it is water resistant. Yes you read that right, WATER RESISTANT! I can go swimming and leave the pool looking almost as fresh as I did when I walked in. Cream doesn’t come off unless you wipe it off with a cloth. Cream stays on your face. I’ve never seen my makeup on my clothes or anywhere I don’t want it. Woot woot!

To sum it up, cream makeup can benefit almost everyone! It is super easy to apply, acts as a second skin for a natural look, has blendable and buildable coverage, is gentle on your skin, works on all skin types, and it stays on your face for long wear.

Ready to make the switch to cream foundation?

Cream Makeup definitely makes the skin look younger and more beautiful. If you are wanting to try a new cream makeup and don't know where to start, you can take this color match quiz to help you find your perfect shades. The Maskcara Beauty Line of Cream Makeup is like any other, it's high grade professional makeup that will give you the coverage you need with minimal effort and product.

Watch this quick tutorial using Cream Makeup on younger skin and just how beautiful it looks

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If you're older and are skeptical about Cream Makeup, Watch this

Makeup Tips For Under Eyes Using Cream Makeup

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I hope that this post was helpful and informative. Please share or comment below, II’d love to hear from you in the comments! Let me know if you have tried cream and what your experience was like!

Comment ‘new’ if you’ve never tried it! <3


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